Major customers of Ghetehkaran Company are automotive groups among which SAPCO (supplier of Iran Khodro parts) is the most major customer of this company. Target market of this company at present is internal automotive companies. But it intends to enter global markets in near future by relying on high technical and specialized capability of its forces and using the modern technology in the field of parts' machining and compete at the global level. In this regard customer satisfaction, appropriate and desirable quality, low cost and timely delivery are regarded as primary ideals. The most important value in Ghetehkaran Company is customer satisfaction and the company always tries to satisfy customers by offering high-quality products with suitable price and guarantees an acceptable profit for its shareholders through this. Ghetehkaran Company obligates itself to observe customers' logistic obligations and considers logistic processes in this regard including supplying, receiving, planning, replacement and storage, transportation, packaging and dispatch and thus monitors, measures and improves them. This company intends to be a good friend for the environment by preventing or decreasing any application of environmental pollutants. Spiritual capital of Ghetehkaran Company is its personnel that the company tries to accomplish its purposes by enhancement of their knowledge level as well as motivation and strengthening of their personal creativities. This company obligates itself to produce high-quality parts and considers PPM reduction program as one of its missions in this regard.