Objectives of the company
Qualitative objectives are determined as below using the specified strategies and qualitative policy.

Qualitative objectives:
  • Decreasing product return from the customer, PPM SAPCO and other customers
  • Decreasing internal wastes (internal PPM)
  • Increasing of training per capita
  • Decreasing percentage of quality costs to sales
  • Decreasing percentage of CPKs less than 1.33
  • Decreasing percentage of DMR more than 1 in product audit
  • Increasing of internal audit privilege
  • Improvement of education effectiveness
  • Improvement of percentage skill of employees
  • Increasing the privilege of responsiveness speed (short term and long term)
Quantitative objectives
  • Increasing delivery circulation to SAPCO
  • Increasing of production circulation
  • Increasing the number of manufactured products
  • Decreasing the cost price of the product
  • Concluding an agreement with Reno Pars Company
Logistic objectives
  •          Appropriate implementation of logistic procedures in the company
  •          Enhancement of productivity and reduction of costs
  •          Improvement of information and materials' flow
  •          Increasing of timely delivery
  •          Creating flexibility in the organization
  •          Increasing of customer satisfaction in logistic scope
  •          Human resources management
  •          Decreasing waiting times and predicting them