Long-term objectives of Ghetehkaran Company are classified as below:

1.      Objectives of the company for customers: the company should be able to enhance itself as the first supplier by competing with other suppliers in terms of price, timely delivery and offering high-quality products.

1-1   high-quality products
1-2   reasonable price
1-3   timely delivery
1-4   customers' satisfaction

2- Objectives of the company for employees: the company should try to provide     more salary and benefits for its employees, creates job security for them and takes step towards employees' satisfaction by continuous establishment and improvement of motivational system.
       2-1 higher income
       2-2 more benefits
       2-3 job security

3- Objectives of the company for the government:
      3-1 timely payment of tax
      3-2 observing the related rules
      3-3 creating appropriate jobs
      3-4 low pollution in order to observe environmental rules
4- Objectives of the company for shareholders:
      4-1 creating security for investors
      4-2 creating higher rate of return on investment
      4-3 increasing of productivity and its durability
      4-4 developing areas of work in the company
5- Objectives of the company for competitors:
      5-1 recognizing competitors' abilities and their market share
     5-2 decreasing costs for healthy competition with competitors
6- Objectives of the company for suppliers:
     6-1 continuous cooperation with reliable suppliers
     6-2 enhancing technical capability of retail suppliers
     6-3 guaranteed purchase of products