Policy of Ghetehkaran Company as one of the manufacturers of automobile parts has established management system based on ISO TS 16949:2009 standard in the company in order to maintain and enhance the quality of its products. Therefore, the outline of its qualitative policy is stated as below. Quality objectives of Ghetehkaran Company are as the following: 

1-      developing human force empowerment through continuous training

2-      decreasing wastes to realize zero wastes and continuous improvement of all activities

3-      adaptability of the company's quality management system with modern systems of quality management

4-      maintaining and enhancing satisfaction level of customers through perceiving their needs and expectations and commitment to satisfy them

5-      developing the market through offering various and high-quality products and having access to global markets

6-      gaining beneficiaries' satisfaction through earning more profit  
Senior management commit itself to enhance management effectiveness continuously and ensures perception of quality policy across the organization and also reviews quality policy of the organization in order to guarantee its permanent proportionality with needs of the organization. The senior management strongly believes that objectives of this policy and needs of this quality system will be feasible by cooperation of all employees in the framework of responsibilities and authorities and perform the assigned tasks.