Ghetehkaran Company as one of the manufacturers of automobile parts announces the outline of its logistic policy as below in order to maintain and enhance quality of products and its customer satisfaction (especially SAPCO Company).

1-      Providing customer needs regarding timely delivery of products

2-      Satisfying the customer's need with defined cost and cost management

3-      Delivering perfect products in the intended place by the customer

4-      Increasing of productivity in the organization (optimizing application of resources such as human force, machineries, work environment and improvement of transportations)

5-      Optimization of inventories' level (raw materials, half-made parts, products and other materials and consumption parts)

6-      Implementation of self-sufficiency plans by increased supply from internal companies and reduction of external supplies

7-      Implementation and improvement of logistic system according to customer's obligations

Senior management commit itself to provide continuous and effective enhancement of logistic management and ensures perception of logistic policy across the organization and also reviews logistic policy of the organization in order to guarantee its permanent proportionality with needs of the organization.

The senior management strongly believes that objectives of this policy and needs of this system will be feasible by cooperation of all employees in the framework of responsibilities and authorities and perform the assigned tasks.
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